Sophisticated Natural Stone Landscaping

What does your ideal outdoor space look like?

Does it make you want to spend more time in your backyard? How does it compliment your architecture, and reflect your unique design tastes?

Natural stone landscaping brings luxury to an outdoor property. Using striking organic materials, you can create consistency with your architecture & create opportunities for modern outdoor living.


Retaining Wall

Elegant retaining walls


Outdoor Kitchens

Gorgeous outdoor entertaining spaces – kitchen islands, bars, and patios


Stone Fire Pits

Dramatic stone fire pits


Natural Stone Walkways

Inviting natural walkways


Why Choose Landmark?

Flawless Installation by our Certified Mason

Natural stone work is challenging – much more difficult than working with uniform sized manufactured materials. Skilled installation is critical to getting a gorgeous end result when working with stone.

Not all landscapers can do it! You need a recognized craftsman.

When you choose to work with us, your stonework will be meticulously installed by our certified mason.

You Can Always Get a Hold of Us

We guarantee that you’ll never have a hard time getting in touch with us. We believe in maintaining consistent communication with you to ensure you’re always fully informed of your project status.

Designs That Will Change Your Life

Your exterior should be tailored to suit your unique lifestyle – extending your interior design tastes to the rest of your property, and giving you the living spaces you need – whether you love entertaining guests, or relaxing quietly on your own. 

Our designer works with you to give you the outdoor space that will change the way you live your life.

Get a Luxurious Outdoor Lifestyle

Get a FREE consultation to see how we can take your property from ordinary to extraordinary with custom landscaping.